Some Reasons for Going To The Optometrist

18 May 2022
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There are many ways your vision can be negatively impacted at some point in your life. Many eye diseases can be successfully treated when discovered in the early stages. While many of these eye diseases may not offer you obvious red flags in the early stages, a visit to the optometrist can give you a chance of catching a serious disease while it's highly treatable. This is why you should be honest with yourself if you are at a higher than normal risk of developing an eye disease and make it a point to see the optometrist. Read More 

The Pros And Cons Of Switching To Contact Lenses

22 November 2021
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People often see making the change from glasses to contacts as a positive one. Indeed, contacts do have a lot of benefits over eyeglasses. However, they are not for everyone. There are some people who ultimately decide that glasses are a better choice for them. So, should you make the change from glasses to contact lenses? Consider the pros and cons of such a change as described below. Pro: You'll be able to see clearly when it's rainy or humid. Read More 

Eye Health And Swimming: Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

6 July 2021
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It's the summer season, and much of your free time is likely spent in the water. What you do not want is a painful or irritated eye on your fun summer water outing. Unfortunately, water can cause eye damage, especially if there are irritants in the water such as chlorine, dirt, and other contaminants. The following are some simple steps you can take to avoid any eye injuries or irritations during your summer fun: Read More 

How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Eye Exam

10 March 2021
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For most adults, an appointment with the eye doctor is no big deal. You go into the office, undergo the tests, and go about your day when you leave the office. However, for children, it is a completely different story. One of the most important — and difficult for kids — parts of an eye examination is remaining still. If your child has problems staying still, keep reading to learn a few tips on how to ensure your fidgety little one stays put. Read More 

Why Should You See An Ophthalmologist?

10 December 2020
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Your eyes allow you to see the world in all its beauty. However, you must safeguard your eyes by wearing proper sun protection and seeing your eye doctor regularly. An ophthalmologist is a specialist who can help you keep your eyes healthy. Here are four reasons that you should see an ophthalmologist: 1. It's time for your checkup. Periodic visits to an ophthalmologist will allow your doctor to diagnose diseases that can compromise your vision. Read More